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Young Explorers Club is an organisation based in Lausanne, but with activities throughout French-speaking Switzerland and beyond. Our goal: To revive the adventurous spirit of the younger generations (all children and teenagers from 8 to 18 years old). Our club stands out for its commitment to offering unique, enriching and unforgettable experiences in an international and bilingual (English and French) environment.

Develop skills, attitudes, and memories to last a lifetime.

Young Explorers Club
was created with a very simple mission: to foster environmental stewardship, teach responsible recreation, and provide opportunities for personal growth by facilitating impactful wilderness experiences.

Our goals for our youth program are to use the natural environment and outdoor activities to teach participants the skills and attitudes needed to lead successful lives. Through expert risk management and adventure-based programming, our team helps encourage participants to improve their self-esteem and confidence. In addition to creating lasting memories, our goal is for participants to end their adventures with a better knowledge of themselves, the world, and the environment around them. An essential part of our program is also focused on creating a sense of community, creating friendships between participants, and sharing fun moments!

Our Story

Born out of the ambition to break down cultural and language barriers, we have evolved to become a leader in the organization of international summer camps. Our programs are designed to encourage young people to step out of their comfort zone, experience new cultures, and make international connections, forging memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

Our Summer Camps

Our camps are a unique blend of adventure, education and travel:

  • International Outdoor Adventures: From expeditions through the Alps to explorations of crystal clear lakes, we offer trips that stimulate the spirit of adventure while respecting the natural beauty of our planet.
  • Dynamic Educational Programs: Each camp is a learning opportunity, with workshops in French and English that encourage language skills and self-confidence.
  • Swiss and international culture: Our participants enjoy a total immersion in Swiss life while interacting with young people of various nationalities, fostering a rich and multicultural experience.
  • Diversified activities: From sailing and skiing to mountain biking and cultural workshops, we offer a range of activities to suit all interests and promote an active lifestyle.

Why choose the Young Explorers Club?

Our difference lies in our commitment to providing a truly international and bilingual experience, where learning is done through the lens of adventure and exploration. Supervised by dedicated and competent animators, children benefit from personalized attention, guaranteeing an enriching and safe experience. At the Young Explorers Club, every day is a new discovery, every activity a life lesson, every encounter an opening to the world.

We invite parents and young explorers to join us for a summer adventure like no other, one that promises to not only entertain but also educate and inspire. Embark with the Young Explorers Club on an unforgettable journey, where summer becomes a window to the world, full of learning, adventure and international friendship.

Best investment we could have made

"The travelling summer camp in Graubünden was the best investment we could have made for our child's summer. Not only did they come back with new skills and confidence on a bike, but they also came back with hearts full of unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. Attentive and knowledgeable instructors made the trip possible, and the breathtaking scenery provided the perfect backdrop for our child's personal growth. We are truly grateful for the experience and the positive impact she had on our child. Thank you for giving them the gift of adventure and self-discovery.
Mana Blaga , Parent

As parents,

As parents, sending our child to the Swiss bike trip camp was a decision we will never regret. Not only did they come back physically stronger and more confident on a bike, but they also came back with a new sense of independence and maturity. The memories and friendships formed at the camp will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We are truly grateful to the experienced and supportive instructors who guided our child on this incredible journey. Thank you for giving them the gift of adventure and self-discovery.
Jake et Caroline Luc , Parents

Explore new challenges in a fun, safe and caring environment

This camp helps children overcome their fears and explore new challenges in a fun, safe and caring environment. The best part is really that our son was so hesitant to go to camp and had a very negative experience at other summer camps. The YEC changed all that. Raising children in today's high-tech and social media-driven world is a real challenge. The Young Explorers Club allows our child to be themselves, make friends and have fun in a safe and stimulating environment. It's a real break with city life where our children grow up too fast. His camp experience had an incredible impact on his self-confidence and willingness to be himself!
Pauline Blanchet , Parent

His self-esteem and independence have increased tremendously.

It is interesting to note that there is no shortage of technology and the discovery that the great outdoors are a wonderful place. YEC was an amazing experience for my kids! My son conquered his fear of heights and continued to spend more time outdoors. My shy, quiet and reserved daughter was loudly singing camp songs, laughing and showing me the field when I picked her up. His self-esteem and independence have increased tremendously. They can't wait to go back next summer! Also: So impressed with the inclusive environment for the LGBTQ+ parent and camper population. We were very pleasantly surprised and impressed. Especially with staff and camper introductions, including preferred pronouns.
Estella Moulin , Parent

Great strategies to help kids feel comfortable and overcome challenges.

Because our children have anxiety or social problems, we were worried about how they would do or if they would stay all week. The camp had great strategies to help the children feel comfortable and overcome challenges. Everything went well and we are very grateful parents! It makes me happy to see my kids come back from camp with a newly acquired skill and lots of stories about his adventures. Last year, they learned to play guitar at camp. This year, they conquered the difficult rock face in the middle. The advisors are all very positive and supportive; It's a great place to gain self-confidence!
Xavier Chapdelaine , Parent

She enjoyed the activities she participated in that she would never have if she were at home.

My child is not the most athletic or outdoor child. I love how this camp allows him to disconnect from social media and enjoy the outdoors. When she comes home from camp, she wishes she could go back and it's nice to hear how much she enjoyed her time at camp and all the activities she participated in that she would never have if she were at home. The staff was very supportive and helpful in guiding the children in developing their wilderness skills. There is a great sense of belonging, acceptance, tradition and camaraderie.
Jacques Toussaint , Parent

It's the best investment in our child we've made over the years.

BEST part of our daughter's summer!!! My daughter has already participated twice and every year when we pick her up, she is so excited to tell us about her time at camp. Every aspect is above expectations and we can't talk better about the YEC team. Guillem (Wham!) does a great job and guides the whole process. Impressive. It's such a great experience. As a parent of a teenager, I can only recommend him more. It's the best investment in our child we've made over the years.
Héléna Dupont , Parent

Truly exceptional.

My son loved his experience with the club. He met new friends from across the country and had new experiences, from rafting to hiking to mountain biking without his parents. Being outside with great instructors and kids and doing new things renewed and strengthened confidence. It was a very healthy experience in building independence. He and his friends are already planning the YEC trip they want to take next year. In addition, I am amazed at the organization of the club and the excellence and rigor of your communication. I also appreciated Guillem's attention to detail and responsiveness on all travel arrangements. Truly exceptional.
Jean Ansermet , Parent

He was exhausted, happy and full of funny stories.

What an incredible adventure for our son. He was exhausted, happy and full of funny stories when we picked him up. He even told us that he would spend less time on his phone in the future (we'll see...). He is excited to take another trip with the club next year and also wants to continue learning rafting. What was most valuable to him was getting into nature with peers, forging relationships without media, working with the group toward a common goal, stretching to do things he wouldn't otherwise do, and finding inner strength. We are so happy that he was able to do this adventure!
Isabelle Piccart , Parent

We can't recommend it enough!

While an outdoor experience wasn't our daughter's first choice, she came home thrilled with her trip. Not only has she been able to see a beautiful part of the country and make good friends, but she has learned that she is much stronger than she thought, both physically and mentally. She learned new skills (cooking, pitching tents in the rain, etc.), perseverance, and how being clumsy can help you get through almost anything. We wanted it to have a fun and technology-free experience, and with the Young Explorers club definitely delivered. We can't recommend it enough!
Farzanah Gangjee , Parent

She feels like she's made friends for life

Young Explorers Club has been an incredible, challenging and life-changing adventure! What was so precious was the community and our daughter's realization that she is stronger than she thought. She feels like she's made lifelong friends and can't wait to travel with them again. It's a magical place, the Young Explorers Club. Everything you imagine in a camp experience. Our daughter was reluctant to get away from mom and dad for several weeks. Now she can't wait to go back. Lots of new friends, new experiences and, most importantly, a new sense of independence. In addition, the camp is run like a finely tuned machine - non-stop activities, lots of structure, encouragement and advice.
Anne Odile , Parent

It was the best combination of children.

We searched the web and found Young Explorers Club. At first the camp seemed too extreme but we liked the age of the instructors and the ratio of children to instructors. The focus on community and good behaviour was essential. Young Explorers Club exceeded our expectations. It was an experience we had to push our child to sign up for, but he came back so optimistic, grounded, happier than we've seen in years and incredibly confident. He said, "It was the best combination of kids. An experience that changed my life and shook my world! Our son has learned that he CAN take care of himself, and despite the obstacles, he can overcome them and feel really good about himself.
Clara Potterat - Lausanne , Parent

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Our Team

Our hiking guides and outdoor educators are the key ingredient to our success at Young Explorers Club. Although we all come from different backgrounds, we all share a passion for adventure, our national parks, and sharing experiences with others to create memories that last a lifetime.


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