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Les plus beaux lacs de Suisse

The most beautiful lakes in Switzerland… Thus far

Guys, trust us. Switzerland is not just about cheese, chocolate and watches. There are these amazing lakes. These beautiful turquoise lakes that you can’t take your eyes off of. At this point, let us introduce you to the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland… Thus far. Ammmmm, why so far? Well, did you know that there are 1,484 lakes in Switzerland? 🙂 Well, it would be a bit crazy to visit them all in such a short time (3 years since we moved to Switzerland). But we’ve managed to visit a huge amount of land creatures so far! And now is the right time to pass on the knowledge to you! If you’re planning your trip to Switzerland, you might want to include some of these lakes in your travel itinerary! Start!


Älplisee is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland! To admire this beautiful mountain lake, head to Arosa and park your car in Hörnli. If you don’t rent a car, take the train to Arosa and take the free bus from Arosa to Hörnli station. Now you have two options. The first is to hike to the Älplisee. The whole route from top to bottom will take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes. You’ll even have to pass another beautiful lake called Schwellisee. Another option to see the Älplisee is to take the cable car to the Hörnlihütte. The option with the cable car is much easier, as you will only have to descend for about 40 minutes to the Älplisee and then to return it will take you another half hour to the parking space.


The Urdensee is certainly one of our favourite lakes in Switzerland. Its colour, its environment, its calm. Everything is perfect! The good news is that the Älplisee and the Urdensee can be admired on the same hiking trail! When you take the cable car to Hörnlihütte, consider taking a 30-minute hike to Lake Urdensee. If you also want to see the Älplisee, you have to return to the cable car station and continue the hiking trail in the direction of the Älplisee. Rest assured, everything is well signposted in Switzerland. Just follow the signs!


The Klöntalersee is a beautiful lake in the canton of Glarus. In summer, it is possible to swim in the lake and hike in the surrounding mountains. Park your car near the lake and drive 20 minutes up to the viewpoint called Schwammhöhe. The views are spectacular!


Bannalpsee is a fantastic hiking destination. It is located south of Lake Lucerne, near Engelberg. Take the cable car to the lake and ride around the lake for about 1 hour. Once you’re done, there are plenty of hiking trails to choose from in all directions.


Probably one of the most beautiful lakes is the Caumasee. Its turquoise water is beautiful and its small island is a real eye-catcher. Because of its meditative touch, it’s a great place for a yoga practice in the summer. Its different shades of blue are even more important in winter. Therefore, a visit in winter could also be a great option.

Crestasée Crestasée is another lake that is worth a visit. It is known for its green water color. With its charm, it will invite you to dive into the lake. The good news is that between Crestasee and Caumasee is about a 10-minute drive, making it easy to visit both in the same day!


One of the most beautiful lakes is undoubtedly the Lungernsee. As you drive from Brünig to Hasliberg, you will see the viewpoint where you can take great photos of the lake. The photo can’t really express the beauty of the lake, so convince yourself by visiting it for yourself!

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