2024 Program: Summer Camps & Trips

We organize 5 camps throughout the summer between July and September in Switzerland and elsewhere

Why sit around during the holidays when you can have fun, memorable, friendly adventures, full of learning experiences and with like-minded and motivated young people? Come and make new friends at our exciting summer camps:

The Tour of Mt. White

8 - 16 years old: Mobile camp.

The Itinerary is a mythical hike that will take your breath away. It is a journey of discovery and personal fulfillment.

Gel Blaster Tournament

Weekend 2 - 3 March

We are hosting a weekend in March (Saturday to Sunday) in the beautiful Gryon Chalet where the main theme will be a unique Gel Blaster tournament!

Cycling through the Alps

9 - 18 years old: Camp Trip in 2 weeks.

Camp is an absolute mix of outdoor experiences and fun: It's not a bike camp, it's a travel and exploration camp!

Football + Adventure

A mix of outdoor adventures, sports and football!

Get ready to lace up your boots and hit the pitch with Lausanne Premier League's top-notch football lessons.

Climbing Camp In Greece

Multisport water and rock climbing.

A camp of relaxed sports and entertainment, climbing trips and days by the sea, in a land of mountains and valleys.

Multisport & Mountains

Nomadic itinerant camp in the Alps

Our dynamic program offers a variety of high-altitude multi-sport activities, including mountain biking and rock climbing. The camp will change location several times, providing an authentic experience of alpine nature.


The pillars of our programs:

Explore & Travel Safely

We run camps and activities throughout the year that go beyond the typical sports camp that many other organizations offer. We believe in the tremendous opportunities for personal development that travel and exploration create, experiences that can only be achieved through a well-organized and structured environment where safety is prioritized without removing space for discovery and adventure.


Our club offers a chance to set aside the competitive demands of school life. To slow down, open up and explore. And in doing so, discover who you are. Our members often say they feel more alive, more connected, and more like themselves in our multiple camps and activities.

Our social aspect

Instead of competition, we value enthusiastic cooperation, friendly communication and playful participation. The camp's positive community creates a magic where participants feel safe, supported, and valued. We help create lifelong friendships and relationships.

A pedagogical approach to entertainment

Nowadays, soft skills are needed like never before. We are creating a learning program that fills the void that schools are unable to teach. It is the process of using focus and self-control to solve problems and set and follow goals. It uses other important life skills such as bonding, perspective taking, and communication. Basically, critical thinking helps us make good, informed decisions.

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