NEW CAMP: Escape to the Pre-Alps

An itinerant but at the same time comfortable adventure in a classic region for summer camps (more info below)! The camp is an absolute mix of outdoor experiences and fun: It's not just a bike camp, it's a travel and exploration camp! 1 or 2 weeks possible.

Unique Bilingual Experience in the Heart of Nature

French and English

At our summer camp, the Young Explorers Club celebrates cultural and language immersion by offering an exceptional bilingual experience. Participants have the unique opportunity to speak, learn and practice English and French, in a natural and international setting. Our approach allows each young explorer to fully immerse themselves in both languages, enriching their educational experience while indulging in outdoor adventures.

  • Active Learning: Languages are learned through outdoor activities, making learning lively and engaging.
  • Development of Communication Skills: Daily practice of English and/or French in a variety of situations.
  • Boosting Self-Confidence: Express yourself in a new language in front of others.
  • Cultural Exhibition: Interaction with participants of various nationalities.
  • International Adventure: A multicultural setting that erases borders.

A Unique Travel Camp

A mix of biking and mountain adventures!

Discover the scenic beauty of the regions where the cantons of Bern, Vaud and Fribourg meet. During this itinerant bike camp, we will move through unique landscapes filled with adrenaline options. This two-week trip takes you through stunning alpine landscapes, with stops to explore local villages, cultural sites, and to enjoy Swiss nature. The camp moves every other day, offering a renewed adventure at each stage but keeping comfort. It’s a more comfortable version of our Across Graubünden camp, but there’s no shortage of adrenaline and adventure!

Campers posing for our photograoh during a quick repair session with the bikes.

A balanced program

Biking, camping, games, climbing, and more!

Much more than cycling! :
We start with three enchanting days in Schwarzsee, Freiburg, where we will explore the splendors of the lake through various water sports. Every night, we will return to sleep in the comfort of our cottage. Then we start a two-night cycling adventure through picturesque valleys to Jaun, the last village in Fribourg, for two days dedicated to mountain sports and climbing, with accommodation in a chalet. Continuing towards Rougemont, we will camp for two nights crossing the Gastlosen massif and the canton of Bern. Our journey will conclude in Vaud for a pleasant stay in Rougemont, combining rest in a chalet and adventure activities in the forest, waterfalls included. Finally, we will spend two nights at Hongrin Lake, where we will build rafts and enjoy new water sports, before concluding our adventure in La Lécherette in a chalet.

Personal growth through adventure

Building Confidence and Skills
Our camp is not limited to physical activities; It’s a platform for personal growth. Campers learn how to overcome challenges, build confidence, and develop leadership skills.
A safe and supportive environment
Safety is our priority. All activities are supervised by experienced instructors and we ensure that every camper feels supported and encouraged throughout their journey.
Club d'aventures et camp de vacances pour ados à Lausanne
At Young Explorers Club we offer unique activities such as fire gatherings and survival workshops!

Best investment we could have made

"The travelling summer camp in Graubünden was the best investment we could have made for our child's summer. Not only did they come back with new skills and confidence on a bike, but they also came back with hearts full of unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. Attentive and knowledgeable instructors made the trip possible, and the breathtaking scenery provided the perfect backdrop for our child's personal growth. We are truly grateful for the experience and the positive impact she had on our child. Thank you for giving them the gift of adventure and self-discovery.
Mana Blaga , Parent

As parents,

As parents, sending our child to the Swiss bike trip camp was a decision we will never regret. Not only did they come back physically stronger and more confident on a bike, but they also came back with a new sense of independence and maturity. The memories and friendships formed at the camp will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We are truly grateful to the experienced and supportive instructors who guided our child on this incredible journey. Thank you for giving them the gift of adventure and self-discovery.
Jake et Caroline Luc , Parents

The perfect escape from monotony

The Swiss bike travel camp was the perfect escape from the monotony of everyday life. The breathtaking views and thrilling rides tested my mettle, but the sense of freedom and independence I gained was priceless. Instructors and other campers were not only knowledgeable and supportive, but also welcoming and inclusive. I returned home with a renewed sense of purpose and a heart full of unforgettable memories. Thank you for giving me the gift of adventure and self-discovery
Ioanne Melchior , Participante

I'm not a cyclist

I've never considered myself a cyclist, but the bike Camp in Graubünden in 2022 proved to me how much fun bike trips can be. The beautiful scenery and itineraries were not only physically demanding but also mentally uplifting. The sense of accomplishment I felt after each outing was indescribable. But what made the experience truly special was the supportive and inclusive community of the camp. I made lifelong friends and memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you for showing me the power of determination and teamwork.
Jake Hu , Participant

Registration Form:

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10% group discount on all bookings! This means that if you register two or more participants, each of those registrations will be 10% cheaper.


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More info:


Are you really motivated to attend summer camp? Contact us to apply for a scholarship to reduce camp fees! The camp takes place in several independent sessions of two weeks with the possibility of also participating in 1 week only:


2-week sessions (


) (Swiss participant price: 1390CHF. International participant price: 1880CHF – NOT INCLUDED: BIKE)**:

Session 1: 28.07.24 – 10.08.24

Possibility to participate in 1 week (Swiss participant price: 830CHF. International participant price: 1170CHF – NOT INCLUDED: BIKE)**

Session 1: 28.07.24 – 03.08.24

Session 2: 04.08.24 – 10.08.24


*Attending camp for two weeks rather than just one is highly recommended for several key reasons. First of all, the different itinerary each week allows participants to discover a wider variety of landscapes and challenges, enriching their experience. Secondly, it provides the opportunity to deepen cycling skills through more sustained practice and continuous coaching. In addition, two weeks of immersion allow for better integration within the group, promoting friendships and team spirit. In addition to the benefits in terms of experience and learning, attending the bike camp for two weeks also has a significant financial benefit. The cost of participation for two weeks is, in fact, more advantageous compared to registration for a single week, when you consider the price per day. Participants may arrive or leave the camp on slightly different dates (depending on logistics and location), contact us for more information Attendees can participate in one or more consecutive sessions. And for those who want longer camps, we have other camps too (participation in multiple sessions is possible).

**Thanks to the help of our local sponsors, we are able to provide a discounted price to all Swiss nationals. The mentioned price includes all costs of the participant during the camp period, i.e. all public or private transport during the camp, food, accommodation costs, and any common group equipment (tents and any other equipment related to the activities, harness and climbing equipment). Not included: Bike and bike bags (possibility to rent with us at a very reduced price: Price mentioned on the online registration form (190CHF)) transport to and from the meeting point and possible personal equipment (sleeping bag (contact us if you need it), clothes and other personal expenses).


In order to promote the camp to more families (who might also share our values), we are able to offer a 10% discount on all bookings if they join a friend or family member. This means that if you register two or more participants, each of those registrations will be 10% cheaper.


For Swiss participants, the meeting point for all the different sessions of the camp is at Lausanne Gare. From Lausanne, transport is organized to the departure of the camp in Obergoms for 1 day of multi-activities before the start of the camp. Another meeting point will be organized from Geneva airport for international participants. Transport will also be arranged from there.

Ages & Languages

We offer this camp in 2 versions, one for 9 – 13 year olds (itinerary and activities adapted to needs) and the other for 14 – 18 year olds. For participants between the ages of 16 and 18, we offer our innovative, youth-friendly leadership program, offering a unique blend of camp participation and a specialized program. This program is designed to foster the development of technical and soft skills through a series of activities, workshops, and hands-on leadership opportunities. We believe in bringing together an international community, which is why the languages spoken at the camp are French and English, which is what we have seen from our past experience and the huge benefit of mixing Francophones and Anglophones and learning from both groups.

Why should I attend this camp?

Participating in this camp offers a multitude of unique and rewarding benefits, designed to stimulate personal growth, adventure, and learning in an international environment. Here are some key reasons why you should consider joining this camp:

1. Adventure and Discovery: Every day is a new adventure, whether cycling through the majestic landscapes of the Alps, or exploring the cultural richness of Switzerland. These unforgettable experiences encourage you to surpass yourself and discover new passions.

2. Language Skills Development: As the camp is bilingual (French and English), it offers an exceptional opportunity to practice and improve your language skills on a daily basis, in a natural and interactive setting.

3. Environmental and Cultural Education: Beyond cycling, the camp incorporates educational activities focused on understanding the environment and local culture, enriching your knowledge of the world.

4. Personal Growth: Immersion in a diverse and international group promotes the development of social skills, self-confidence, and autonomy. Daily challenges and group activities encourage teamwork and resilience.

5. Varied Activities: In addition to cycling, the camp offers a variety of sports and creative activities, ensuring that each participant finds something they enjoy.

6. Unforgettable memories: Friendships made, landscapes discovered, and skills learned stay with participants long after camp ends, marking a milestone in their lives.

In summary, this camp is not only an opportunity to practice cycling in spectacular landscapes, but also a way to grow personally, forge international friendships, and explore new cultures in an immersive and playful way.

Itinerary and activities
The program (in broad outline):


Day 1 (July 28): Arrived in Schwarzsee, Fribourg from Lausanne – In a chalet.
Description: Arrival and installation at the camp.
Activities: Introduction to safety rules, first exploration of the surroundings. Team games, from the cottage to the lake by bike.


Day 2 (July 29th) and Day 3 (July 30th): Schwarzsee – In a chalet.
Description : Day by the lake.
Activities: Water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding. Explore a cave near the lake.


Day 4 (July 31st): Schwarzsee -> Euschelspass – In a tent.
Description: Start of the bike route.
Activities: Bike ride through mountainous landscapes, nature photography.


Day 5 (August 1st): Euschelspass -> Walopsee – In tent.
Description: A route through one of the highest plateaus of the Fribourg Prealps, a pass that ends in a pretty, little-known lake.
Activities: Team games. Rock climbing. Bike ride through mountainous landscapes, nature photography.


Day 6 (August 2nd): Walopsee -> Jaun – In Chalet.
Description: After two days in the mountains, we arrived at the magnificent chalet of Jaun, the very small and last village in Fribourg, which speaks Swiss German.
Activities: Climbing and hiking in the surrounding mountains. Team games and activities around the chalet.


Day 7 (August 3rd): Jaun – In a chalet. (END FOR PARTICIPANTS at 1 week (July 28 – August 3))
Description: Full day around the gastlosen! Waterfalls, sun, climbing and local cheeses!
Activities: Climbing and hiking in the surrounding mountains.


Day 8 (August 4): Jaun -> Dent de Combette – In a tent. (START FOR PARTICIPANTS at 1 week (August 4 – August 10)).
Description: Crossing the Gastlosen massif by bike.
Activities: Camping, observation of the local fauna and flora, games.


Day 9 (August 5th): Dent de Combette -> Bowling – In tent.
Description: Stay in this charming town.
Activities : Forest games, exploration of local waterfalls.


Day 10 (August 6): Bowling -> Rougemont – In a chalet.
Description: Back to a chalet, in the town of Rougemont.
Activities : survival classes, wildlife observation, cabin construction


Day 11 (August 7): Rougemont – In a chalet.
Description: Adventure activities.


Day 12 (August 8): Rougemont -> Lake of Hongrin – In a tent.
Description: Continuation by bike through the Vaud prealps.
Activities : Lakeside activities, campfire, games.


Day 13 (August 9): Lake of Hongrin -> La Lécherette – In a chalet.
Description: Scenic bike route. Local volunteering activity.
Activities : Lakeside activities, campfire, games. Discovery of the surroundings, evening of tales and local legends.


Day 14 (10 August): La Lécherette – Return to Lausanne.
Description: Closing of the camp.
Activities: End of camp ceremony, presentation of certificates and final farewells.


This route offers a balanced combination of sport, culture, and relaxation, ideal for an immersive experience surrounded by nature.
A typical day
7:00 am – Wake up and have breakfast at camp.
8:00 am – Camp preparation and start the bike trip
12:00 pm – Stop for lunch (sandwich, crackers, fruit, etc.)
14:00 – Camp set up for the night
15:00 – Explore the surroundings and schedule activities.
6:00 p.m. – Cook dinner (freeze-dried meal, soup, etc.)
7:00 p.m. – Campfire and socialization, educational program (astronomy, team game).
9:00 p.m. – Lights off
Note: This is only a sample itinerary and activities can be adjusted according to the needs and preferences of the group.
What physical condition should I be in?

Since we will be participating in different outdoor activities throughout the trip, our students must have a minimum of physical fitness to participate in the bike camp. But in our experience, this is the case for 95% of young people between 9 and 16 years old! In the months leading up to your trip, we recommend that you participate in physical activity at least once a week if you are not already doing so. Contact us if in doubt, we will be happy to guide you to the best camp.

What equipment should I bring?

List the material:

Learning outcomes from this trip:
Our participants gain a variety of skills and knowledge, including:
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Outdoor Survival & Camping Skills
  • First Aid and Emergency Preparedness
  • Environmental Awareness and Conservation
  • Personal Values and Ethical Decision-Making
  • Cultural understanding and respect for diversity
  • Fitness & Healthy Habits
  • Citizenship and Community Service
  • The ultimate goal is to help our participants become responsible and well-rounded individuals, ready to make a positive impact in the world.
What if I don't know anyone else?

Most of our students come to Young Explorers Club without knowing anyone before their trip. You’ll start making friends as soon as you arrive at the airport (and our instructors will be there to help). Once the journey is over, you won’t want to leave your new community! Most of our students remain friends long after their summer is over. We firmly believe that life is about having new experiences and making the most of every moment. However, we also recognize that the most meaningful experiences often require stepping out of our comfort zones and venturing away from familiar surroundings. When we do this, we find ourselves in unfamiliar and challenging environments, which forces us to fully engage with our surroundings and truly live in the moment. These new places and situations often bring new perspectives and can inspire us to continue seeking out new experiences that push us to grow and broaden our horizons.

What are the other students like?

The teenagers who come to the Young Explorers Club are kind, welcoming, eager to learn and come from all over Switzerland, France, USA and elsewhere. Our groups are full of positive young adults who will work well with each other. Young Explorers Club places a strong emphasis on group dynamics and creating a supportive social environment, and our students reflect this.

Safety: Is this camp safe?

During each activity, all preventive safety measures are in place and strictly followed. To see all our safety measures and protocols, please visit our dedicated page: SECURITY & TEAM.

Do you have any other questions?

We believe in human-to-human interaction: write to us via our contact methods ( and schedule a call or meeting with one of our employees. We will be happy to answer any doubts or questions you may have. Or find the list of all frequently asked questions on FAQs.

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