In the heart of Switzerland: the journey through Graubünden by bike.

Notre camp phare et le plus populaire: Un aventure dans le canton le plus sauvage!

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In brief:

Our most requested camp, started as a trial trip at Easter 2019 and has now become a classic. Camp Crossing Graubünden is like rediscovering everything you know about Switzerland. During the camp we will travel for 2 weeks through the heart of Switzerland: The canton of Graubünden by bike. We’ll explore incredible landscapes, host fun activities, participate in team games, meet locals, and even a two-day stay at a local scout camp to learn survival skills. The camp is an absolute mix of outdoor experiences and fun: This is not a bike camp, it is a travel and exploration camp, that is, the camp consists of short days of biking in order to enjoy all the other wonders that the area has to offer: Camping near waterfalls, Exploring medieval historical ruins and even a short 3-day excursion into the hinterland are part of the program we offer.

The program:

Why should I attend this camp?

Outdoor hiking trips offer children the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, explore new environments, and make meaningful connections with others. As many of our alumni say, in many cases the bonds you create with other camp participants run deeper than those in school. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a program specially adapted for students looking for exploration, but at the same time in a safe and predictable environment. The tour is probably the most breathtaking 7-day hiking trip in continental Europe, its route is a mythical path through the Mont Blanc massif through forests, glaciers and high plateaus. This camp builds confidence, develops new skills, and teaches you to appreciate the beauty and value of nature. It also allows children to disconnect from technology and participate in activities that promote creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Overall, this camp shapes our students’ personal growth and helps create the foundation for a lifetime of meaningful experiences.


The camp takes place in several independent two-week sessions:

Session 1: 2.07.23 – 15.07.23
Session 2: 16.07.23 – 30.07.23
Session 3: 30.07.23 – 14.08.23

But we also have die-hard fans who come for two periods and therefore 4 weeks in total (participation in several sessions is possible).

For participants with tight schedules, a week’s attendance at any of the periods can be arranged and we have had such cases in the past.

Prices & Materials

Thanks to the help of our local sponsors, we are able to provide a discounted price to all Swiss nationals: Swiss national: The price of a 1-week

session is 670chf (without bike and bike bags) or 970chf (all included). International Participant: The price of a 1 week session is 970chf (without bike or bike bags) or 1270chf (all included). This includes all of the participant’s expenses during the camp period, i.e. any public or private transportation during the camp, food, accommodation costs, and any common group equipment (tents and any other equipment related to the activities, harnesses and climbing equipment). Not included: transportation to and from the meeting point and any personal equipment (sleeping bag (contact us if you need it), clothing and other personal expenses). We offer a 20% discount to all participants coming with sisters, brothers or friends.


For Swiss participants, the meeting point for all the different sessions of the camp is at Parc Bourget in Lausanne. From Lausanne, transport is organized to the departure of the camp in Obergoms for 1 day of multi-activities before the start of the camp. Another meeting point will be organised from Geneva airport for international participants as well as Genevans wishing to come directly from Geneva. Transport will also be arranged from there.

The return point at the end of the camps is again at Parc Bourget in Lausanne where a small barbecue and farewell party will be organized and offered to participants and parents.

Ages & Languages

We offer this camp in 2 versions, one for 9 – 11 year olds (itinerary and activities adapted to needs) and the other for 12 – 16 year olds. In addition, we have enthusiastic 16-18 year olds participating to help manage camp tasks, in case you want to come as a helper, please contact us at We believe in bringing together an international community, which is why the languages spoken at the camp are French and English, which is what we have seen from our past experience and the huge benefit of mixing Francophones and Anglophones and learning from both groups.

Itinerary and activities

Day 1: Chamonix to Trient

We embark on an enchanting adventure starting from the picturesque village of Le Tour, starting an ascent through the green mountain pastures to reach the Col de Balme (2191m), located on the French-Swiss border. From here we enjoy one last look at the beautiful Chamonix valley and the imposing Aiguilles Rouges massif before descending through green pastures and dense forests, finally arriving at the charming village of Trient (1326m). We settle in for the night at the picturesque campsite of Col de la Forclaz.

Elevation gain: 600 m, elevation gain: 600 m


Day 2: Trient in La Fouly

We climb into a lush forest overlooking the Rhone Valley and Martigny, reaching the peaceful mountain pastures of La Bovine (1987m), an idyllic place for our picnic in the middle of the Hérens cows. Then we descend to the Plan de l’Au, finish the route in Champex (1482m) and take a bus to reach the campsite of La Fouly, passing through charming traditional Swiss villages.

Elevation gain: 460 m, elevation gain: 500 m


Day 3: La Fouly to Val Ferret (Italian side)

After a short transfer to the bottom of the valley (1802m), we climb through the Swiss mountain pastures, to meet the shepherds and their flocks of sheep, as well as the famous grey cows with “bear’s ears”. Finally reach the Grand Col Ferret (2490m) on the Italian-Swiss border, with a breathtaking view of the south faces of the Mont Blanc massif and the emblematic Mont Dolent. The descent takes place in front of the magnificent glaciers of Pré de Bar and Miage, leading to the bottom of the Italian Val Ferret at Arnuva (1769m). We spend the night at the campsite in Planpincieux.

Elevation gain: 500 m, elevation gain: 600 m


Day 4: Val Ferret to Courmayeur

We embark on a delightful crossing of the Montagne de Saxe, starting from the hamlet of Lavachey (1650m) and reaching the mythical Walter Bonatti refuge. Through the charming valley of Malatra, we reach the passes “Entre deux sauts” (2521m) and “Col des Sapins” (2435m) before following the path of the Val Sapin to reach the hamlet of Villair Superiore. We then enjoy the delights of Courmayeur and a well-deserved ice cream, before heading to the Val Veny campsite.

Elevation gain: 650 m, elevation gain: 700 m


Day 5: Val Veny aux Chapieux

Starting from the hamlet of La Visaille (1659m), we follow the sparkling waters of Lake Combal, gradually reaching the Italian-French border and the Col de la Seigne (2516m), bidding farewell to the Italian side of Mont Blanc. We descend through the picturesque Beaufortin mountain pastures, with their herds of goats and velvet-eyed Tarines cows, to finally reach Les Chapieux where we spend the night at the campsite.

Elevation gain: 500 m, elevation gain: 600 m


Day 6 : From Les Chapieux to Les Contamines

Today we embark on a hike to the Col du Bonhomme (2433m), crossing breathtaking mountain pastures with the potential for surprising encounters.


Day 7: Chamonix

Transport to Chamonix and multi-activities

A typical day
7:00 am – Wake up and have breakfast at camp.
8:00 am – Camp preparation and start the bike trip
12:00 pm – Stop for lunch (sandwich, crackers, fruit, etc.)
14:00 – Camp set up for the night
15:00 – Explore the surroundings and schedule activities.
6:00 p.m. – Cook dinner (freeze-dried meal, soup, etc.)
7:00 p.m. – Campfire and socialization, educational program (astronomy, team game).
9:00 p.m. – Lights off
Note: This is only a sample itinerary and activities can be adjusted according to the needs and preferences of the group.
What physical condition should I be in?

Since we will be participating in different outdoor activities throughout the trip, our students must have a minimum of physical fitness to participate in the bike camp. But in our experience, this is the case for 95% of young people between 9 and 16 years old! In the months leading up to your trip, we recommend that you participate in physical activity at least once a week if you are not already doing so. Contact us if in doubt, we will be happy to guide you to the best camp.

What equipment should I bring?
  • Sleeping bag, mattress and pillow
  • Favorite Snacks
  • Diapers for 4 days and 3 nights
  • Hiking boots
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Jacket/sweatshirt
  • Several swimsuits and sunscreen
  • Towels (Shower & Beach)
  • Multiple sets of socks and underwear
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, shampoo, etc.)
  • Medicine
  • Pajamas
  • Raincoat
  • T-shirts, shorts, pants and long-sleeved shirt
  • A slice of house (photos, notes, stuffed animals, etc.)

*Note: A more detailed packing list will be emailed one week prior to camp*

Learning outcomes from this trip:
Our participants gain a variety of skills and knowledge, including:
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Outdoor Survival & Camping Skills
  • First Aid and Emergency Preparedness
  • Environmental Awareness and Conservation
  • Personal Values and Ethical Decision-Making
  • Cultural understanding and respect for diversity
  • Fitness & Healthy Habits
  • Citizenship and Community Service
  • The ultimate goal is to help our participants become responsible and well-rounded individuals, ready to make a positive impact in the world.
What if I don't know anyone else?

Most of our students come to Young Explorers Club without knowing anyone before their trip. You’ll start making friends as soon as you arrive at the airport (and our instructors will be there to help). Once the journey is over, you won’t want to leave your new community! Most of our students remain friends long after their summer is over. We firmly believe that life is about having new experiences and making the most of every moment. However, we also recognize that the most meaningful experiences often require stepping out of our comfort zones and venturing away from familiar surroundings. When we do this, we find ourselves in unfamiliar and challenging environments, which forces us to fully engage with our surroundings and truly live in the moment. These new places and situations often bring new perspectives and can inspire us to continue seeking out new experiences that push us to grow and broaden our horizons.

What are the other students like?

The teenagers who come to the Young Explorers Club are kind, welcoming, eager to learn and come from all over Switzerland, France, USA and elsewhere. Our groups are full of positive young adults who will work well with each other. Young Explorers Club places a strong emphasis on group dynamics and creating a supportive social environment, and our students reflect this.

Safety: Is this camp safe?

During each activity, all preventive safety measures are in place and strictly followed. To see all our safety measures and protocols, please visit our dedicated page: SECURITY & TEAM.

Do you have any other questions?

We believe in human-to-human interaction: write to us via our contact methods ( and schedule a call or meeting with one of our employees. We will be happy to answer any doubts or questions you may have. Or find the list of all frequently asked questions on FAQs.

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Best investment we could have made

"The travelling summer camp in Graubünden was the best investment we could have made for our child's summer. Not only did they come back with new skills and confidence on a bike, but they also came back with hearts full of unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. Attentive and knowledgeable instructors made the trip possible, and the breathtaking scenery provided the perfect backdrop for our child's personal growth. We are truly grateful for the experience and the positive impact she had on our child. Thank you for giving them the gift of adventure and self-discovery.
Mana Blaga , Parent 2020

As parents,

As parents, sending our child to the Swiss bike trip camp was a decision we will never regret. Not only did they come back physically stronger and more confident on a bike, but they also came back with a new sense of independence and maturity. The memories and friendships formed at the camp will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We are truly grateful to the experienced and supportive instructors who guided our child on this incredible journey. Thank you for giving them the gift of adventure and self-discovery.
Jake et Caroline Luc , Parents 2020

The perfect escape from monotony

The Swiss bike travel camp was the perfect escape from the monotony of everyday life. The breathtaking views and thrilling rides tested my mettle, but the sense of freedom and independence I gained was priceless. Instructors and other campers were not only knowledgeable and supportive, but also welcoming and inclusive. I returned home with a renewed sense of purpose and a heart full of unforgettable memories. Thank you for giving me the gift of adventure and self-discovery
Ioanne Melchior , 2020 Participant

I'm not a cyclist

I've never considered myself a cyclist, but the bike Camp in Graubünden in 2022 proved to me how much fun bike trips can be. The beautiful scenery and itineraries were not only physically demanding but also mentally uplifting. The sense of accomplishment I felt after each outing was indescribable. But what made the experience truly special was the supportive and inclusive community of the camp. I made lifelong friends and memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you for showing me the power of determination and teamwork.
Jake Hu , Participant 2020

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