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The staff team is the heart and soul of who we are and what we do. They are more than just instructors – they are role models, mentors, and friends to our students. Because we don't take this responsibility lightly, we have a rigorous and selective hiring process.
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Who is our staff?

Our hiking guides and outdoor educators are the key ingredient to our success at Young Explorers Club. Although we all come from different backgrounds, we all share a passion for adventure, our national parks, and sharing experiences with others to create memories that last a lifetime. Our team of Yosemite guides is a young and energetic group that understands the importance of professionalism, caring, and risk management. Some of our guides were youth participants themselves before moving on to their elite roles, while others were selected for the backgrounds and experiences they have with youth and in the outside environment. Many of our outdoor educators work off-season jobs as teachers, naturalists, counselors, or other youth-focused professions, and many of us live in the Sierra Nevada year-round. On most outings, you will have the pleasure of getting to know several guides!

Before each hiking season, our guides meet for a week of staff training to prepare and refresh their skills. We have fun covering serious practices, playing games, and reviewing protocols, essentially using the same adventure-based programming model that we facilitate on our adventures with youth, groups, schools, and companies. We’re more than colleagues – we’re a team – and we work hard, live and play together all summer long!


Our core team:

Camp coordinator for Swiss camps

Grew up all over the Swiss country, recently having made Lausanne her home. After graduating from ETH Zurich, she majored in anthropology and geology. Outside of class, Anna has mastered the art of outdoor travel logistics by working as a travel coordinator and leading rafting, hiking, and cross-country skiing trips for the Young Explorers Club.

Notre équipe et securité Camp General director

Steven has worked almost exclusively in the field of outdoor adventure travel. In 2017, after working for years as a chaperone and director of other outdoor programs, Kevin followed his dream and founded Young Explorers Club. His passion and perseverance for YEC has paid off over the years and has resulted in a thriving and well-respected program.

Prof d'escalade

Meet Cristophe, the camp counselor who can light a fire with just a smile and a stick. His dance moves are legendary, and he never forgets to bring extra s’mores for the campfire. It can identify each bird by its call and finds peace in good insect hunting. He’s also an expert at creating perfect friendship bracelets and can whip up a wicked trail mix.

Camp counselor

Tom is a former professional basketball player who now spends his summers as a camp counselor. He is known for his imposing stature, thunderous voice, and infectious laugh. He will lead impromptu basketball games and dominate the competition by capturing the flag. Hobbies include the powerful ballads of the ’80s and making campfire s’mores that are out of this world. He’s ready to make this summer unforgettable for all campers.

Club d'aventures et camp de vacances pour ados à Lausanne Coordinateur de programmes

Maria is a certified yoga instructor and a self-proclaimed expert on all things friendship bracelets. Expect impromptu dance parties and deep conversations under the stars this summer. He’s a jack-of-all-trades and a master of fun, bringing his unique blend of magic tricks and dad jokes to the campfire circle every night.

female hiker on JMT Coordinateur de voyages a vélo

Megan is a nature lover and born leader, who will guide campers on wildlife walks, birding expeditions, and nature scavenger hunts. Don’t be surprised if she knows more about the local flora and fauna than you do.”

Our instructors have


  • Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
  • PSIA Ski Instructor
  • PSIA Snowboard Instructor
  • Alpine Ski Instructor PSIA
  • PSIA Adapted Snowboard Instructor
  • PSIA Child Specialist
  • ACA Whitewater Rescue
  • Eagle Scout Behavioral First Responder
  • NAUI Rescue Diver

Summer Camp Health & Safety:

Who takes care of your children at camp?


How do we manage risk?

An excellent average ratio of 1:6 between counsellors and children on each camp and program ensures effective supervision, great attention and supervision for all young campers. Advisors are responsible for direct supervision.

During each activity, all preventive safety measures are in place and strictly followed. All Young Explorers Club instructors must be fully certified in CPR and First Aid. In addition, at all campsites, full-time health care specialists are responsible for the health of campers. They are responsible for first aid, organizing and distributing medications, liaising with local doctors and hospitals if necessary, and keeping all records relating to any illness or accident.

Hospitals are always accessible by car. In the rare case of illness or accident, parents are called at the earliest opportunity and updated with full information about the steps taken to help the child. At each location, there is a full fire drill for all staff and campers.

Young Explorers Clubs is committed to providing the safest environment for your children. In anticipation of a world where the pandemic may still be widespread, we will take certain precautions to minimize any risk of an outbreak in a camp environment. As a company based in Switzerland, we will closely update the policies in accordance with the required standards put in place by the Youth Protection Service (SPJ) and the relevant local authorities. Some of these include the following:

Sanitizer dispensers will be provided around each of our various locations with individual bottles of hand sanitizer and surfaces distributed regularly throughout the camp stay.

Strict hygiene measures for campers, including regular hand washing, sneezing/coughing scenarios and more, will be supervised and delivered by staff to educate campers.

Strict cleaning protocols will be followed several times a day by all housekeeping staff as well as counselor staff.

Meal times will follow the appropriate regulations regarding the service of campers.

Prior to arrival, all campers and staff must complete our updated health form confirming their good health and informing us of any underlying health conditions as well as any previous corona virus results.

Upon arrival, all campers and staff temperature will be checked (as well as parents if they are accompanying them for check-in).


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